When you lose your saves because you did something stupid that forced you to rush reinstall Windows…

I pretty much become unable to update this blog anymore. I may or may not delete this blog following this post, but I’m going to start a new RLC too.

Although I never liked to play Homemade to begin with

-Yakisoba, who is too lazy to recreate IASIST because one of her (cancelled) Gen 2 rolls was too good to be true.


IASIST 1.01: The College Experience

Welcome everyone, women and men, boys and girls, to the very first chapter of this new series, It’s Always Sunny in Sunlit Tides!

It’s Always Sunny in Sunlit Tides, also known as In-House Assistance Required or IASIST is a Random Legacy Challenge focusing on the lifes of a random family that has moved into (you guessed it) Sunlit Tides, progressing through 10 randomly generated generations, each one different from the previous one!

In this case, we ended up rolling a Full House (yes, really, authentic proof that we used the RLC roller since it loves giving these). Our precious sims are my simself (sort of) and poorly recreated versions of Kisaragi, Nodamiki and Awara from the extremely obscure manga and anime series GA: Geijutsuka Art Design Class. For some dumb reason (read: I might regret doing this by the time I’m 30) I made Kisaragi and me spouses. Yes, really.
I initially decided to put them into a random premade house because I’m the worst of the worst at building and had no idea of what I was doing.

A recent (read: post-college) picture of the premade house I had moved into.

My plans for blogging this legacy didn’t come until I placed Kisaragi (and Awara for some reason) on college for the Art Appraiser Career, so there aren’t any pictures before that. I shall then lead you with a quick summary:

We start off by me moving the founders on the house shown above. I then decided to make Noda join the stylist career and the obligatory college move.

I decided to put them on the dorms because, why not? That, and they’re free, allowing us to save money. We’re broke as hell after all.

I decided to let Awara dumpster dive not just for rebel influence but for money too, as she rolled Dumpster Diver and non-standard careers in college are OK for the challenge.

In order to get more rebel influence for the Art Appraiser career in the least amount of time I decided to fulfill as much social group-related wants as possible, buy more influence with the Lifetime Points resulting from completing them and Social Group Jobs/Dares.

College work aside, they also lived off the coffeeshop, not just because it was closer to the park than the dorms, but also because they had a motherfucking dumpster.

A juice kegger dare for the sake of sweet sweet rebel influence? Check.

A want to scare another Sim with the megaphone, just for the sake of Lifetime Points that can allow us to buy more influence? Check.

Ranting and protesting for the only purpose of completing 2 wants at the same time? Check.

During the week when Kisaragi and Awara were at college these things and studies were basically what they were doing EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.
Yes, really

Right before returning to the dorms in order to go home, I found out that this one girl was for some reason playing pinball with a xylophone in The Grotto. Repeat with me, a xylophone.
I found it funny, so I took a screenshot of it.

A/N: Sorry if this chapter was a short one. Next one will be longer, or at least I hope so. I will reveal everyone’s traits by the time we finally return to Sunlit Tides. In the meanwhile, toodles!~

– Yakisoba.